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> Are you a hot young man?
> In good shape, good looking or both?
> Between the ages of 18 and 35?
> Want to gain new fans and make some extra money? features video profiles of male models, actors, athletes, personal trainers, bodybuilders and fitness models. We provide an easy way to gain new fans and maybe make extra money showing off your hot looks and body.

If you have a video online and you’d like us to promote it and add it to this website, use this form to tell us about it.

If you don’t have a video we’re currently offering FREE video and photography services to a select number of guys in Florida. We’ll film you in a profile video like the ones on our site at no cost to you. We’ll even give you free photos from the shoot!

To apply you’ll need to complete the below application and submit two high quality, in focus photos in the JPG format taken within the last six months. One photo must show your face (no sunglasses or hat) and the other needs to show your upper body (head to waist), shirtless if possible. If we can’t see what you clearly look like we can’t approve your application so if you don’t have good photos ready right now come back when you do.

If you don’t live in Florida you can tell us in the below application when you plan to visit (sorry, we don’t pay your travel expenses).

Application questions marked with a red * are required. After you hit Send Message you should get a confirmation email sent to the address you provided. If you don’t see it within a day, check your spam folder.

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What sports do you participate in now or when you were in college or high school? What hobbies do you enjoy?
If you live in Florida use this box to tell us when you're available for a photo/video shoot. If you live outside of Florida use this box to tell us when you plan to visit and what city you'll be in.
If you have a profile page on or a similar modeling site, please provide a link in this box, otherwise leave it blank.
If you are currently represented by a modeling or talent agency please provide their name or website in this box. If no one, leave blank.

Tell us below if you are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. We'd like to know approximately how many friends/followers you have and would like to see your public page. If you're not on these sites just leave the boxes blank.

If selected to appear on HotMenUSA would you be willing to share and promote your video to the friends and followers on your social media accounts?

Upload a recent photo that clearly shows your FACE. No sunglasses or hat.

Upload a recent photo that shows your FACE AND UPPER BODY (head to waist), shirtless if possible.

When you've filled out all the above info and uploaded two photos, hit this Send Message button only once:

After you hit Send Message it may take a minute or two before your form and photos are sent, depending on the size of your photos and your internet speed connection. Large size photos take longer. Please stay on this page until you see a green message saying the application was sent successfully. If you don’t see the green confirmation message you may need to resend your application with smaller size photos.

We respect your privacy and do not knowingly share the information you provide us with anyone.